A Breakfast Workshop in Liverpool

Wednesday 5th July 2017 | 9am – 11.30am

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Anyone who is charged with managing, protecting, securing and getting the very best value from their data. Don’t imagine that has to be an IT expert. In the current business environment, making sure that your data is always available, secure and still delivering the best business value is a much wider responsibility. Delivering competitive edge within any enterprise is now very much a responsibility shared across all business activities. Whatever your skill set or experiences, this is an event that’s almost certainly for you and our line-up of experts will be able to help you and your enterprise deliver step-change advantage.

Your Invite To ‘Realise the True Values of Your Data’

A North West Data Forum Workshop

We hear it all the time, how data is the new oil, how competitors are exploiting their valued data resources to gain competitive advantage over us. The worrying thing is, it’s probably true. Many companies are indeed looking at how they get the very best from their data to ensure they can stay a step ahead of their competition.

The big question is HOW? – where do you start? How do you change your business so you can make the most of your data assets? How do you make it pay?

Over the past couple of years, Gardner Systems has worked with a number of customers who have done exactly that and have transformed their business to take full advantage of these new technologies. We think that sharing some examples of how they achieved this would be valuable to our data forum audience.

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Focus Of This Event

Identifying Your Key Data

“Triage” that data – the very starting point for our journey is understanding the data we have. We need to identify what is our key data and get rid of what is almost certainly the useless bulk of my stored data, which costs me far too much time, effort and money. When I have identified what is my core data asset, how do I use that most valuable asset to drive revenue?

Getting the Best of My Data

Where do I go to get the best out of my data? We will debate with leading service provider Navisite about how you can take advantage of cloud based services to fully realise the value of your data and how we can help you get there.

Protecting Data in the Cloud

How do I get my data to the cloud and protect it once it’s there? We will talk with NetApp about how a data fabric is a crucial part of your strategy and how their cloud data team can help you easily move data to any location you need; allowing you to maintain protection and security once it’s there.

Innovation with Data

Is anyone actually doing this – we hear a customer case study of just how an innovative use of technology is affecting how leading charities are looking at brand new ways of raising money.

I found the opportunity to listen, and meet 6 vendors in one morning a very good use of my time and a great way of keeping abreast of current technologies and activities happening within the industry.

Paul Mitchell, Vice President, Core Services, Deutsche Bank

Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed yesterday’s event and to thank you.

George McCann, Manchester City Council

I really enjoyed the event very much and I was also very impressed with the speakers. Such an interesting and informative overview of data security.

Ben Cross, Liverpool Direct

A really good all round session with a good mix of speakers covering the spectrum within the security space. I suspect you don’t usually get them all in one place, but very good from a consumer/customers point of view to hear from them all at the same time and to instantly compare what they each address.

David Price, Austin Smith Lord

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Speaker Spotlight: David Penny, Navisite

Navisite are one of the Worlds leading cloud expert organisations and we are delighted to be joined by David Penny, Regional Channel Sales Director, who will be talking to us about the cloud, what cloud services can do for us and how you can get the best out of your data using the cloud.

David Penny is the Regional Channel Sales Director based at Navisite’s London office in Hampton Court.  David has been brought into Navisite to develop and drive the UK Navisite business by recruiting and developing a goto market with Channel Partners.

Prior to joining Navisite, David was the Channel Director for Huawei Enterprise business; Huawei is the fastest growing major Chinese vendor growing 20% YOY and achieving sales last year of over $46bn.  As a founder member of the UK Enterprise Division, David and his team established the Channel business and grew it from a start-up organisation to become a significant business and serious challenger to the Enterprise IT incumbent vendors.  David and his team built the UK channel by recruiting some major distributors as well as enabling over 100 UK Value Added Resellers Managed Service Providers and System Integrators.

David has over 20 years experience within the IT and Telecoms industries working around the globe in the USA, Korea, China and across Europe.  He has worked developing new business for some major organisations including GEC Marconi, Ericsson and EMI.  David has a technical background as a Chartered Engineer and holds an MBA from one of the UK’s leading Business Schools.

Speaker Spotlight: Lee Clark, GivePenny

Lee Clark, as the co-founder of GivePenny, a unique fundraising platform, has a wealth of experience in using data to encourage charitable donations. His innovative and engaging talk will help you understand how best to use your data.

When it comes to engaging the public in charitable behaviour in the future, current solutions just won’t cut it.

Tech-savvy, young people already have high expectations for how technology can enrich their lives. Soon this generation (one of the most generous ever*) will expect platforms to allow them to orchestrate the data they generate every day across multiple apps, websites, wearable technology and from IoT (Internet of Things) devices, rather than settling for managing many individual platforms.

GivePenny is a new online giving platform, poised to become the #1 place for people to deeply connect their lives to charitable behaviour, whether fundraising, making donations, volunteering time or sharing views.

Speaker Spotlight: Kirk Ryan, NetApp

As a cloud solutions architect, Kirk regularly speaks at conferences (Microsoft Ignite / AWS Summit) and helps businesses to improve their digital transformation strategies. He is based in the UK and works side by side with AWS and Azure on a daily basis.

Kirk has spent the last 6 years designing and implementing data solutions for enterprise customers at NetApp which has given him a unique insight into the challenges faced today across a variety of industries and sectors.

His experiences allow him to share real-world knowledge gained from hundreds of implementations across the world that you simply wouldn’t find elsewhere.


What will he be Talking About at the Event?

LEAN Cloud: This session will provide insight and tips that will allow you to take advantage of cloud services, these tips have been gathered from real-world lessons learnt from multiple cloud projects.

Kirk will provide insights into understanding cloud economics and how to make savings and reduce innovation costs where possible, whilst also understanding at which points of the application lifecycle it becomes cheaper to move data back to on-prem or managed services.

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Related Podcast 1: New Fangled Magic Cloud Buckets

Featuring NWDF Speaker, Kirk Ryan

We’re all heading to the cloud, data is the new gold, all of our competition is putting its data in the cloud and getting massive competitive advantage, if we don’t know how to use our data and take advantage of the cloud we’ll be obsolete.

But, if that is all true, why isn’t everyone charging headlong into cloud services and finding more and more valuable information from their data and making the rest of us a thing of the past?

In this Podcast we take on the data challenge, how do we make it accessible to the cloud? How do we move it there? Do we move it there? And if we do how do we keep it under control?

To help us explore that topic, we’re joined by Kirk Ryan, a Cloud Solutions Architect for storage vendor NetApp.

We discuss the challenges companies keen to embrace the cloud need to consider and overcome, the importance of building bridges between on-prem, cloud and hybrid platforms.

We look at the why we need to understand our data’s lifecycle from creation to deletion.

And wrap up looking at the importance of not taking our on-premises bad habits into the cloud, as well as just how crucial it is to understand cloud economics.

Kirk shares some great insights – so settle back and enjoy.

Originally published on podcast.techstringy.com and in more detail here.

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Related Podcast 2: Gotcha the Challenge of Moving to the Cloud

Featuring Jon Green, Technical Solutions Director at Navisite

This week is the second of three looking at the challenges associated with moving to the cloud as we discuss the area of picking the right cloud service provider partners.

I’m joined by Jon Green, Technical Solutions Director at Navisite Europe Ltd.

We look at a range of issues and potential “gotchas” that can impact our attempts at taking advantage of the flexibility, scale and commercial attractiveness that cloud can bring.

We look at the risk of assuming cloud is simple, the importance of understanding the underlying cloud platform as well as the importance of designing your system availability properly.

We sum up by looking at where an experienced cloud partner can bring real benefits to your cloud adoption.

Jon shares plenty of great information that will help you as you plan you own cloud migration.

Enjoy the show.

Show notes are here – wp.me/p4IvtA-1fS

Originally published on podcast.techstringy.com and in more detail here.

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Related Podcast 3: How a 100 Mile Bike Ride Inspired a New Way of Fundraising​

Featuring NWDF Speaker, Lee Clark

Lee Clark, Co-Founder of GivePenny a revolutionary fundraising platform, talks to Paul Stringfellow about the inspiration behind their innovative approach. Kirk shares some great insights – so settle back and enjoy.

Lee’s story provides a great insight into how a company can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and utilise their data in the best possible way.

Key Takeaways From The Podcast

Lee talks about how he realised how we all track and store masses of data about our everyday activities and how this data could be utilised in a business setting, in this instance, to raise much needed money for charities in the UK.

Lee and Paul discuss ‘innovation’ and that issues that arise, issues that are not unique to trying to launch something new, but are equally experienced by those trying to bring change into any organisation.

They then talk about how to overcome the barriers to embracing innovation.

Lee shares some of the ideas behind the Givepenny platform and how, by looking for new ways to engage potential fundraisers, has created a whole range of new opportunities for charities of all types.

Lee and Paul also discuss how cloud has made traditionally complex technology so much more accessible and how this accessibility allowed Givepenny to deliver a platform quickly, effectively and at a low cost, especially when compared to how the charity sector first engaged with technology as part of fundraising some 15 years ago.

Originally published on podcast.techstringy.com and in more detail here.

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Additional Information

Gardner Systems are committed to providing complimentary data events for professionals. Our events include great networking opportunities, refreshments and a chance for you to ask the experts anything.

Our forum events will run between 9am and 11.30am and will consist of a couple of context setting presentations and then an open forum so you can ask questions of our experienced panel. Our Liverpool event will be held at Gardner Sytems HQ, on Wavertree Technology Park.

Liverpool Workshop
Wednesday 5th July 2017

Gardner Systems
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